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  • Did it myself compressor station

    I have three gas wells on my farm that were drilled in 2005
    I get a certain number of cubic feet of gas for "domestic use" I hope that includes my family's cars and a tractor! I bought a 97 Ford Crown Victoria on Ebay last spring, talk about getting the cart before the horse. I then spent 5 months trying to purchase or build a 3000 PSI compressor. After trying to find a good used fuelmaker, I finally located a Bauer 4 stage air compressor, with a 2 cyl kohler gasoline engine. I converted the Kohler to a NG carburator, and did the necessary plumbing on the K 15 Bauer to make it safe for NG. I have a 5500 cubic ft storage bottle array that should hold 4 or 5 fillings for the Ford. I still have to find a few more parts to complete the installation, should be running by mid march 08.
    My next project will be to convert a Saab 9000 to CNG. I own a Saab/Subary repair shop and prefer a Saab to a Ford. I have a set of 4 Crown Vic tanks. Any body have a suggestion for a Fuel injection system for a turbo 4 cyl 225hp.

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    Re: Did it myself compressor station

    WOW, nice work.

    The oil Companies can just practically forget about getting any of your money.

    Stu Man


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      Re: Did it myself compressor station

      given the high octane rating of ngas, you should look at one of the turbocharged Saabs...