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  • question about tanks

    Hello everyone,
    I'm new to the forum, and also pretty new to alt fuels vehicles, so please excuse my lack of basic knowledge w/ regard to these vehicles. I'm trying to determine what needs to happen when an older CNG vehicles' tank goes past the 15 yr. limit. Can the tanks continue to be used if they are inspected every three years, or to they just need to be replaced? Does a more thorough inspection need to be done to determine the safety of the tanks, and is it expensive?
    I'm seriously considering a CNG van for work - I like the idea of almost no emissions, etc., but I'd like to buy used, as I don't need the thing every day. I've seen some 94's advertised for what I'm willing to pay, but I don't want to be staring down a huge chunk of money to have tanks replaced in 2 yrs. Anyone out there willing to bring me up to speed on the whole tank thing?
    Thanks, Russ