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  • Stu Man from Vancouver Canada

    Hi, my Name is Stu Man from Vancouver Canada, and I've been driving a Bi-Fuel 1980 Chev Pickup since 1991.

    In 17 years, I have not had to put any money in the NGV system, and to this day everything runs great.

    I'm having real difficulty understanding why more people aren't making the switch to Natural Gas. With Natural Gas, there is less pollution, the fuel is cheaper, and most importantly it is domestic.

    When all my Friends ask my how much it cost to fill my tanks, they can't believe it.

    Oh well, I guess I'll just keep driving and polluting a lot less than my gasoline counterparts.

    Stu Man

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    Re: Stu Man from Vancouver Canada

    What is the price for natural gas in canada?
    Are there many fueling stations?
    BLUE 09 GX


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      Re: Stu Man from Vancouver Canada

      Hi Jet Boat :

      There are 19 Public stations in or around the city of Vancouver Canada. These filling stations are located at regular gas stations.

      You can download a PDF document at :

      Just click on the British Columbia link on the above WEB Page.

      The following Cities :
      Burnaby, Clearbrook, Cloverdale, Coquitlam, Delta, Langley, Maple Ridge, Mission, Surrey, and Vancouver are all Cities very close to Vancouver.

      There is a NGV station in North Vancouver and another station in Vancouver that is not listed.

      I have filled up at practically all of the above Stations at one time or another.

      We used to have way more filling stations all throughout British Columbia back in the early and mid 90's.

      The average price up here would be about $2.50 per US Gallon or .66 a liter.

      I get the feeling that stations sell Natural Gas by the gge in the US.

      We sell NG by the Kilogram up here. To determine how many US Gallons you get.

      1) take the number of Kilograms, then devide by 0.67 = Number of Liters
      2) take the number of Liters from above, then divide by 3.7854 to get US Gallons.

      Hope this helps

      Stu Man


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        Re: Stu Man from Vancouver Canada

        Thanks Stu Man,
        It looks like Canada has quite a few stations, but without a map I am guessing you cant go across the country.
        BLUE 09 GX


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          Re: Stu Man from Vancouver Canada

          Cool that you measure the gas in kg.. That is the same as Europe does.. Exept sweden (duh).. In Sweden we measure in cubicmeters.. 1m3 = 0,8kg..

          Welcome here!
          Fuel statistics ->
          Volvo S60 Bi-Fuel Automatic -06
          Average consumption: 34,4MPG
          Living in Sweden (We don?t have polar bears on our streets)


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            Re: Stu Man from Vancouver Canada

            Hi Taz :

            Your S60 looks pretty nice.

            What is the maximum number of Kilometers you can travel on Natural Gas ?

            How many Natural Gas filling stations are near you ?

            Did that S60 come from the factory with NG, or did you add NG yourself.

            We don't have to many Polar Bears running around Vancouver, but we might get a few when we host the Olympics in 2010
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