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    HEY how are you all doing, I am new to this forum and relatively new to the CNG scene but my goal is to make a BIG scene especially for those of us that have CNGVs here in Canada. I am presently working with investors and BRC to bring them into Canada and restart the demand for CNG stations I am also working with CE (Clean Energy) to bring pumps out when the demand is sufficient. I have also started discussions with Terrasen Gas and they are presently in process of searching for a distributor of CNG home fueling stations to put on the market similar to they way they handle fireplaces etc. WE ARE LOOKING for investors to get on this "bandwagon", if you are interested in helping us move forward with this great venture PLEASE feel free to contact me for more details.

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    Re: Hey all

    Welcome to CNGchat DJ-Rogue!
    Please keep us informed as your business progresses. Please also check out our Canada forum: