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CNG tank type 2, 3000 psi, DOT certified, dated feb. 1994, too old to use?

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  • CNG tank type 2, 3000 psi, DOT certified, dated feb. 1994, too old to use?

    My subject line says it all. I have 2 tanks. I have learned that they are type 2, DOT certified, came off of a bus, manufactured in february 1994. I do not see "do not use after". Can these legally be refilled? Someone wants to buy them from me. I have no use for them. Should I sell them? A very knowledgeable (qualified) local person has offered to empty (if necessary) and scrap them for me.
    They look to me in good condition, but what do I know. They have not been used since we (I am a widow) got them, around 2000. Thanks for your reply. Emily

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    Re: CNG tank type 2, 3000 psi, DOT certified, dated feb. 1994, too old to use?

    Answering my own post, I found out the person who wants to buy the tanks wants them for storage, which evidently is safe. But, how does he transfer CNG into the tank? Would a CNG seller be willing to fill a tank for storage? Emily


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      Re: CNG tank type 2, 3000 psi, DOT certified, dated feb. 1994, too old to use?


      These 1994 tanks have timed out, they can not legally be used for CNG storage. If you choose to sell them get a signed statement stating that the buyer (specify his name) understands that these tanks are past their legal useful life expectancy and are no longer legal for CNG storage, and that they can no longer be legally inspected and certified for use with CNG. Also include a statement that he buyer will hold you harmless for any damage, death or injury resulting from the use of these tanks (include serial numbers, manufacturer, date of manufacturer, do not use after date, and model number of the tank) for any type of pressurized gas storage above atmospheric pressure. This is a CYA.

      Legally the tanks should be destroyed as required by NFPA 52. Also check out 49 CFR 571.304

      Please consider you course of action before selling these tanks

      Sorry to be so blunt

      If you have any questions send me a Private message and I will give you my phone number and we can discuss it.


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        I was reading into NFPA 52, 2010 version -
        and i'm not seeing what you're refering to. I'm looking into 3000 PSI tanks in 2016 and trying to find definitive proof and codes that say 3000 PSI tanks are coming to end of life. I have customers that have 3000 PSI tanks and need something to quote and show them that there entire fueling system needs to be replaced. Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated!
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          Welcome to CNGchat Moen!
          As far as I know, only cylinders have an end of life date (on the label). Other vehicle components such as pressure regulators, filters and injectors to not. However, if the customer is intending to replace the cylinders with new 3600 working pressure vessels then they must also review the pressure rating of the entire fuel system, especially the regulator before swapping the 3000 psi fill connector with a 3600 connector.

          Per NFPA-52 (which carries the weight of law in California)
 All other components shall be designed or selected for service per the OEM