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  • I'm new too

    Okay i'm new to the site,(if you couldn't tell). I'm currently a fulltime student for automechanics. I bought my first CNG vehicle (1996 Ford Ranger 3.0L 4x2) about 3 weeks ago and loving it. 63 cents a gge!!! Woohoo!!! Anyhow, i'm trying to learn as much as i can so if anone knows of some good websites i can read up on please let me know.
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    I'm old

    About a year and a half ago I was reading an article in a Design Tech mag on the Honda GX. It really sparked my interest because of my 620 miles a week commute from Hemet to Brea, CA. I really had no clue about NGVs.
    The price for a new one was a bit out of my budget, so I got online and found a used 1999 GX and bought it.
    The first thing I was going to do was get a Phill installed.
    After finding the fueling staion which is 4 miles from my house, and right on the way in and out of town, the Phill was not needed as bad as I thought, but I still would like to get a fueling appliance in the future.
    I got involved with the Yahoo NGV groups, went to Curtis's station grand opening, Thunder on the Lot, and met fellow NGVers. I look forward to the next event.
    As I have said before, the Hemet station has been very reliable, it's a gateway to the drive up to Idlywild, or a nice scenic deteor route to Palm Springs.
    Anyway I am about 15 years from retirement so I am living in the perfect place!
    BLUE 09 GX