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    Since no body is posting and really doesn't want to be 1st one, I'll post a little bio on here.

    My name is Veerachart Murphy everyone calls me Murphy or Murf and I own a alternative fuel car dealership called CNG MOTORS. I started CNG Motors about 4 years ago and have learned a lot about this business and cars and pitfalls. Prior to opening the dealership I worked as a banker but still drove CNG vehicles as our personal vehicles since 2000. And though I do not know it all, I can probably answer your alt fuel questions. Don't feel as though you need to buy something from me just to get your question answered. I love to talk about all things CNG. There are somethings to look out for and things I would and would not recommend based on my experience in this business.

    I drove a CNG Excursion as my personal vehicle up until today (looks like it sold) And yes I actual use the CNG in it. It holds 10.5 Gallons of CNG good for about 115-125 miles. I also have a FMQ2-36 installed at my house along with a remote panel and a cascade system. My wife drives a 2001 Chevy Suburban 2500 also bi-fuel CNG and my spoiled daughter drives a CNG bi-fuel 2003 H3 Hummer. We save about $12,000 annually by not buying gasoline for our vehicles. Yes I do A LOT of driving.
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    2003 Hummer H2 bi-fuel
    2000 GMC Yukon XL bi-fuel
    1999 International 4700 dual-fuel
    2007 Chevy Avalanche bi-fuel

    FMQ2-36 Fuelmaker w/ 24 GGE cascade

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    Re: I'll Post

    I'm learning about this site. I think this is the way to use this to get questions answered. I'm noticing that there are problems with some cng vehicles. what cng vehicles are best to look at at decent prices. or is it best to convert your own old vehicles to natural gas?


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      Re: I'll Post


      I have looked at your site quite a few times when I was looking to buy.. noticed you will install extra tanks.. I have a 2006 Honda Civic GX and I get about 265 miles to a tank.. but I want to get further .... If you install a tank will it void the warranty?
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