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    Hello, I am Stafanie and I purchased a Honda NGV Civic in aug 2009- it has been a trying time . . :-(
    The dealer assured me I could get the Fuelmaker Phill station, and in fact checked it out with Honda . . .all was good- he would araange the purchase . . . after purchasing vehicle and MANY phone calls- to American Honda- where each blamed the other- we find out fuelmaker is out of business and (supposedly) Honda never told the dealer. So here I am now . .
    I purchased a used Phill off eBay in Oct. Have spent months going thru the approval process- install process and the day before it's complete the car is stolen out of my garage . . .
    Now, not knowing about this site- I hired a local plumbing contractor who installed it- but we were unable to test because where do we get the test kit?
    Vehicle recovered by PD after 3 weeks- returned to use- attached Phill . . .finally will be able to fuel at home!]
    Alas it shuts down saying "leak!"
    We drive 200 miles per day and currently have to fill the car 2x a day- more than I ever wanted.
    So . . the plumber is back . . . and found the leak now just needs to figure out how to replace the "O" ring inside the breakaway.

    I can't find the "download" section and any help would be appreciated ! Thank you for listening to my whining

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    Re: Hello

    Actually I'm Stefanie


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      Re: Hello

      Sorry you had such a tough time. I have a Fuelmaker test kit and also a Programmer. On the o-ring I'm not sure of the specifications but I could take mine out and try to match it for you. On the other hand I don't know if they used the same breakaway device on all Phills or not, so that method might not work.
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