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  • New to forum but not CNG

    I am new to the forum and just bought my second CNG vehicle. I am a ASE Master Auto Tech and currently full time Mr. Mom. I occasionally buy vehicles and then fix as necessary and try and sell for a little profit.

    My last CNG vehicle was a Crown Vic.. I don't remember the year but it was about 2000.. Fixed head gasket leak and a few other things and drove it for a bit... Unfortunately the CNG infrastructure in Colorado is almost non-existent.. Clean Energy have the only pumps in CO and they are all Card lock access. I do have a card and account with them of course...There are only 2 pumps within 50 miles of me and 1 is on Fort Carson military base the other is at the Colorado Springs Utilities facility but is 24hr access

    The Current vehicle I bought was too good to pass up.. and I will be putting it up on ebay here soon. its a 1999 Dodge Cargo van that was only owned by Denver Water Dept. it only has 37K miles on it and New BFG Commercial Tires all round. its in perfect condition, other than a couple of small dents from the rear bumper which they have mounted a vice or something on and bent the bumper into the corners of the rear body panel... drives like new..

    If anyone is interested Just give me a shout.... Ill post the link once I get it on ebay. Can deliver cheap or free between Colorado and Southern California as we are traveling out that way next weekend for Xmas with family.. (I will have a starting price around $2700 without reserve)
    I do wish there was a better infrastructure for CNG as I would definitely be driving one on a regular basis. I think Obama needs to mandate the construction of the Infrastructure For CNG. I am also a big fan of Biodiesel as both fuels can be 100% USA made. we could totally change the worlds energy power structure with CNG and biodiesel and diesel electric hybrids

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    Re: New to forum but not CNG

    If you have gas at your house nothing beats having a compressor at home!
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      Re: New to forum but not CNG

      Marcum Fuels / Clean Fuels was based out of Co. in the 90's. Because of the mid 90's push to CNG There Fuelmakers floating round.


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        Re: New to forum but not CNG

        Right on Dude, it would be nice if we did something about our Energy problems, for a change. I'm also new to this forum. I just found out, the hard way, about getting logged out while your typing in a bunch of crap.
        I was going to ask you a question. I better see if this post even works, first.


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          Re: New to forum but not CNG

          Hello, Iv'e got a 2004 Honda Civic GX that started leaking CNG 2-3 months after I bought it. The Honda dealer, who diagnosed my problem, said the part is $1500 & they wanted $400 to install it. I told them no & drove it home.

          A CNG specialty shop, Lancer Automotive, SLC,UT wanted $1450 (installation included), sounded a little better, but still a lot of cashola.
          After a few weeks, I found a, supposedly, brand-new Genuine Honda Fuel Pressure Regulator for a 2001 - 2005 Civic GX on E-Bay for $349. It sounded too good to be true, but the part number checked out & company seemed legit (Weida Automotive, Corona CA). I called Lancer Auto to see if they would install the part that I supply. They told me they would have to charge a little more for install because they usually make some money on the part. They said they could install for ~$175, but couldn't warranty job because its not their part.

          I've now received the part & it looks totally legit. It doesn't look like it would be that tough to install it. Should I try to do it myself, or just pay $175 & be done with the headache?

          Other than this big headache, I've been loving the car. We get almost 100 mile/gal equivalent at current $.93/gal CNG & ~$2.85/gal gasoline in Utah. I also have 2 2001 Ford F150 Bifuel trucks (a 4WD and a 2WD). I want to sell the 2WD which only has 22K miles on it & very clean, but now I'm starting to smell leaking CNG in/around it. Seems like I can't win, lately. Do I need to get/rent a sniffer to find out where it's leaking?

          I also heard about a very generous Emissions Warranty from cars that originate in California, which is where both these Ford trucks came out of (Fed Govt fleet vehicles). That would be sweet to get a warranty repair on the Ford.

          Thanks in advance for any expertise you can provide.