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Hi everyone. I need partners and advisors

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  • Hi everyone. I need partners and advisors

    OOPS I posted in the thread above, which told my story so I won't say it again here, but long story short, I'm gonna make CNG and LNG a common fuel in my neck of the woods ('r farmland) by opening a CNG/LNG/alternate fuels station in Central Ohio. I plan to sell and install kits and boosters on cars and trucks, farm equipment, gensets, etc. Since I'll operate a 10 car hauler running on LNG & biodiesel I'll contribute less harm to the earth while educating others to do the same.
    Why Are LNG trucks only popular on the west coast? Because there's no filling stations here. I'm gonna change that. I'm gonna buy quantities of LNG, bring it to Ohio, sell the related equipment, or help someone else do it. I'm happy helping others. I NEED HELP. and I NEED TO HELP YOU. Thats Me.

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    Re: Hi everyone. I need partners and advisors

    Unless you're independently wealthy and this is just a hobby, you need to line-up a number of 'volume users' so you can buy quantities of LNG, transport it, store it, and dispense it (not to mention building the infrastructure first).

    One reason people in Ohio might avoid Natural Gas engines is that they can be difficult to start in freezing temperatures.

    Problems with kits are that few of them are EPA approved and the approved ones are quite expensive and only sold to 'approved' installers. Not sure how easy it is to become an 'approved installer.'
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      Re: Hi everyone. I need partners and advisors

      Hey Joe!

      I'm from Central Ohio too! ...well, Lancaster.

      One group you should defininately hook up with is Clean Fuels Ohio. They are the alt. fuel advocates for all of Ohio, but they're based in Columbus. Contact Sam Spofforth at: Sam Spofforth Executive Director, 3400 N. High St. Suite 430 Columbusb OH 43202 (614) 884-7336 [email protected], I'm sure he'll be interested and is a wealth of information.

      Anything else we/I can do to help, feel free to call me directly at: 740.205.2107

      Good luck and remember, if you want to make a million $ in alt. fuels, start with 2 million!



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        Wrong URL's.

        Make that: [email protected] and

        Check it out, we could use more people like you...and maybe you can get some of that 11 mil???



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          Re: Hi everyone. I need partners and advisors

          Thanks you two, I plan on talking to the clean fuels folks so I can get going on starting a fueling station. In reference to running on NG, I believe that if I start using JUST diesel when cold, I won't have the start-up problems you warned of. I don't personally want to become an installer since my job will be to promote and bring vehicles to this area. I'll be driving an 18 wheeler 10 car hauler so I'll be able to bring them from all over the lower 48 to sell here in Ohio. Additionally, I can bring autos and parts from the ports to deliver here and to those that need them delivered to them, wherever they live. My intention is to haul from MA to MD to CA so I can be everywhere in between weekly. And no I don't have 2 million to start, to make my million.