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  • New Entry from Brussels

    By way of introduction:
    Dr. Jeffrey M. Seisler is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Clean Fuels Consulting with offices in Brussels, Belgium and Washington, D.C. Clean Fuels Consulting is a private company whose mission is to facilitate the commercialization of clean fuels and technologies, doing lobbying, analysis, communications, training and workshop development.

    Jeff was the founding Executive Director of the European Natural Gas Vehicle Association (ENGVA) based in the Netherlands starting in July 1994 through September 2007. He was the founding Executive Director of the Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition (NGVC) in Washington, D.C. starting in August 1988 until July 1994 when he left for Europe to start up ENGVA. He was one of the founders of the IANGV in 1986, served as its president from 1998-2002, and was an active member of the Executive Committee from 1990-2008.

    Jeff has been active with energy, environment, alternative fuels and new technology commercialisation issues since 1976. He has authored several hundred articles and monographs on a wide variety of energy-related topics for newspapers, magazines and journals worldwide.

    * * * * *

    I have been driving NGVs in the US and Europe since 1986. The first was the dedicated Ford Ranger pickup prototype; thereafter the first of 40 Ford Crown Victorias in the US prior to market introduction (1992-1994). In Europe I've driven Volvo prototypes and still drive an S-80; one of 8 pre-production models prior to Volvo producing a CNG line.
    For more information, please visit the Clean Fuels Consulting website.

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    Re: New Entry from Brussels

    Hi Jeffrey, welcome to this forum. We met once when you were visiting a meeting organized by NGV Holland (you probably don't remember).


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      Re: New Entry from Brussels

      Hello Dr. Seisler!

      Let me add my Welcome! to the forum. Your background and knowledge will add tremendously to the information base.

      I/we hope that CNGChat can offer a resource of real world experience to the European community as well. You folks have a lot more history with alternative fuels in general and CNG in particular than we do in this country.

      Anything we can do to help promote the fuel or the forum in the EU will benefit us both.

      Best regards,

      afvman/(Bill McGlinchey)


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        Re: New Entry from Brussels

        A hearty welcome to you Dr. Seisler.
        Honorary "Guru" status has been conferred and we look forward to your wisdom in the forums here.