I wish I had run across this site earlier. This is a great resource.

I've been driving CNG off and on now for several years. My Dad introduced me to the wonderful world of CNG. Can't beat the prices here in Utah, and I hope it stays that way. Of course, I wish that the companies in other states would follow the Questar model so that we could all enjoy the low prices.

So, here's what I'm sporting:

5.4L V8
626,000+ miles and still runs like new!
Dedicated from factory
30 gge capacity (adding 20 more in the next couple of weeks)
13.5-15 mpg
Higher compression pistons (can't remember ratio. I think 11.5 or 12 to 1)
High capacity tranny cooling pan
Custom tow package
Deer Guard/push bar
and lots of other stuff.

I've got a long trip planned for mid December that I will post in the road trip section.