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    Hi, my name is Tom. I have a buncha cars, none CNG... yet. Thought it would be interesting to see what this is all about. Started looking into CNG because of the size of the injectors, but there has to be something to it for this many people to be talking about it.

    I'm a mechanical engineer, mechanic and fabricator as a hobby, and mostly get around on a bicycle. Nice to meet you all.

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    Re: New member

    Welcome to CNGchat, Tom
    There are a few threads regarding Oregon and CNG in the Western Region forum. As you may know already there is a public station in Hillsboro but according to a recent report at it may be taken out of service soon? We need more support in your area to convince policymakers to keep CNG options available to the public.

    I know Salem's "Cherriot" transit buses run on CNG (private station) and the private state-owned station in Eugene is operational:

    There are also a couple of public-access stations in Medford.


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      Re: New member

      Delighted you have joined us, Kelly...

      It is always good to have engineer around....