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    I have a 2001 chevy cavalier. That has a problem starting in the morning. It sounds like you know about cng cars. do you havee any suggestions might be wrong. I haven't found any body that works on cng cars around ogden yet.
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    Re: New to the site

    I have a problem getting started in the morning also, but I am a lot older then your Cavalier . Can you be a little more specific about the problem? Does it happen every time? Does it happen on gasoline and CNG or just on one type of fuel? Does it try to start and then stall? Is it worse now that it is getting colder? What do you have to do to finally get it started?


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      Re: New to the site

      Assuming there is CNG in the tank, pull the 'Alt Fuel Fuse' in the engine compartment and see if it starts ok on gasoline.
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