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    Finally found a civic I could afford, We are going to give this a try. Any special things I need to know about Dedicated CNG in Tulsa. I will drive about 50 miles a day from Collinsville to Tulsa.

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    Re: New CNG Owner

    Where at in Tulsa?

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      Re: New CNG Owner

      Hello and WELCOME OrangeWes . . . . you've made an excellent decision buying a Honda Civic GX to commute in the Tulsa area of OK.

      Anyone use Tulsa Gas Tech as public gas fill to know price and what pressure was like? I'd highly recommend filling up here at least once as you'll learn more about cng in just 10 or 15 minutes talking to Tom or Charlie Sewell who ARE the heartbeat of cng in Oklahoma.

      TGT is not that far from main ONG public fill on 15th street in Tulsa. However, that 15th location of ONG is getting lots of cng refill traffic so pressures in past could be as low as 2,000 or 2,500 . . . . any frequent user of 15th street location that gave give feedback on current pressures?
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