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    Hello, Local plumbing business in NOLA converting to CNG. I have 20 trucks 7 of them are CNG, looking to buy more trucks and eventualy turn the fleet over to total CNG
    I have a bauer 20Hp 3 phase CNG compressor, looking for something larger and possible a second station.
    I have 65 pounds of line pressure coming out of my meter, and can go up to 50-60 hp out of my electric box.
    looking for help, Thanks.


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    Re: New from NOLA

    Welcome to CNGchat!

    And a big congrats to your fine governor and legislature in Louisiana for enacting new incentives for natural gas vehicles

    From NGV America July 10, 2009
    On Thursday, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed HB 110 into law, effectively increasing and improving upon the states incentives for alternative fuel vehicles, including NGVs. The measure includes an increase in the allowable tax credits to purchasers of natural gas powered vehicles and fueling infrastructure. The tax credit for NGV is now 50 percent of the cost of the alternative fuel equipment associated with a new or converted vehicle. The 50 percent provision also applies to the cost of installing fueling equipment. The credit was previously capped at worth 20 percent of the cost of such equipment. The law also includes several other unique provisions which enhance the value of the tax credits. There is a provision that allows subsequent purchasers of a qualified alternative motor vehicle to claim a tax credit if the original owner of the vehicle did not already claim a credit. In such instances, the credit would continue to be worth 50 percent of the cost associated with alternative fuel equipment, or if the person is unable to determine such costs, the taxpayer may claim a credit worth 10 percent of the cost of the vehicle or $3,000 whichever is less. Another provision in the bill provides that the tax credits are refundable to the extent their value exceeds a persons tax liability.