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  • chevy97

    I just bought a chevy cheyenne from a private owner and found out out it runs on cng. It has 145000 miles and runs great. is there any way to disconnect the cng and run on just gasoline? Also how long is the life of the CNG tanks.
    this is all new to me

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    Re: chevy97

    Tanks last for 15 years from the date of manufacture. So, depending an when the tank was made (month,year) you should have two to possibly four years of life left before the tank must be replaced. To keep it all legal, the tank and mountings must be inspected by a certified inspector every three years or 36,000 miles to confirm there is no damage to the tanks, mountings or lines and that everything that was installed by the manufacturer is still in place. If it is a bi-fuel truck, don't fill the tank and it won't run on CNG. If you remove the CNG fuse, then you can remove the tank(s) without any problem. Don't remove any electrical CNG components as some of the gasoline ECU data passes through the AF ECU--the check engine light, for example, comes to mind. If it is CNG only, it is not worth converting a truck of that age to gasoline operation.