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My husband will be so jealous!

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  • My husband will be so jealous!

    Hi Everyone! Brand new here. I have been driving my 2001 Honda GX since July 2003 when I married the original owner - he is an engineer --- I am an attorney so you can imagine which of us chose this car. I drive it because I drive the most in the family. The car now has 130K miles on it. My goal is 400K which I believe is ambitious and my husband thinks is impossible.

    I was just prowling looking for auctions on Honda GXs when I ran into this site. I am fairly new to forums. Was excited to find this one.

    Especially when I found what may be a cheap fix to a rough idle problem the car has suffered from for a while (distributor base plate??).

    Anyway, in the great State of Texas, we are somewhat of anomalies. I am thrilled any time we find another privately owned GX --- so far we have found one --- and it was bought at auction from DFW Airport. I am excited anytime I run into the guy.

    Glad to be here!


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    Re: My husband will be so jealous!

    Welcome to the forum, Early Riser. You will find so much information here, especially in Curt's Corner. Enjoy.