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2000 CNG CV owner in San Jose, CA

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  • 2000 CNG CV owner in San Jose, CA

    Hi folks,

    I've owned my 2000 CNG Crown Vic since 2001, and have logged 110k miles. I bought it used from EVRentals at SFO, and had it shipped here from LAX. I live in Campbell and commute to Menlo Park on Hwy 85 and 101. I love using the HOV lane and domestic CNG at $1.50 - $2.00 /gge.

    I've had no CNG related problems until recently (leaky filler), which I'll post separately in the CV section. My only problems over the years have been one or two bad coil-on-plugs, and a pesky transmission shudder.

    I primarily refuel at the Blaney Ave PGE CNG station. While it's never (almost) crowded, there are other commuters, taxi cabs, city vehicles (Sunnyvale and Saratoga), school buses, and the occasional garbage collector who also refuel at this station.

    All-in-all, I've saved about an hour/day in traffic over the past 8 years, and have only been late a handful of times to dinnner... That's about an extra 2000 hours I've been able to spend with my family instead of being stuck in traffic. That's priceless. With gasoline prices at $4.50/gal last summer, I potentially saved a ton of money too.

    Anyways, I just found this forum, after giving up looking for one a few years ago. I look forward to chatting with you guys in the future.


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    Re: 2000 CNG CV owner in San Jose, CA

    Welcome mlnielsen in CA,

    That's impressive you've logged over 100K miles on cng !!! And to think, you might only be through 1/3 of Crown Vic's life if you get upwards of 400K or 500K miles like the Phoenix taxi companies get with their CV's. Keep feeding that transmission fresh fluid!!

    Spread the good news of CNG to all your friends and family all across the country. The time is now for Transportation Revolution with CNG becoming a large part of USA re-engineered transportation plan.

    Go CNG !!