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  • Government propane vehicles

    Hey all,

    First off I want to apologize if I am in the wrong place, as my main interest is in Propane vehicles. If some one can point me to a propane forum i would surely appreciate it.

    Now my question:

    What kind of problems can be encountered when purchasing government owned propane vehicles? I know about the typical used car problems. I am more concerned about Propane specific problems.

    I am located in Austin Texas, so there seem to be a great many government vehicles coming up for sale that have duel fuel gas / propane systems.

    If any one can point me to some useful local resources, an or a propane specific group I would be very grateful.

    Also, on a side note, are there any advantages to running CNG instead of propane? Cost savings ? Complexity?


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    Re: Government propane vehicles

    Welcome Ken

    CNG is the main focus , but quite a bit is discussed here about Propane as a vehicle fuel.

    The main drawback of bi-fuel vehicles, at least Fords is the dreaded " Compuvalve" It is an almost self contained fuel system for CNG or Propane as a second fuel on gasoline vehicles. The part is difficult to repair and Ford is the only source currently. The manufacturer , GFI will not sell to anyone except Ford and Ford is not shipping any either.

    Now , as to propane as a motor fuel.

    Nothing wrong with it at all, but can be costly. A gallon of gasoline is somewhere about 110,000-120,000 btu per gallon,Diesel is about 145,000 btu and Propane is about 85,000 btu per gallon. A gge of CNG (equivelent of a gallon of gasoline) currently costs between $0.90 to $2.75, but is usually less than gasoline. Propane prices vary a great deal by area and season.

    A dedicated CNG or Propane vehicle is modified for the fuel, and can run 12 to 1 compression easy. The Bi-fuel vehicles can't do that , so some power and efficency is lost.

    If you are looking at auction vehicles and thinking about a bi-fuel ford, do a websearch on GFI Compuvalve first.

    Again, Welcome .


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      Re: Government propane vehicles

      Shhhh, there a couple of us "closet " propaners hiding in woodwork.

      Actually Lp is a more practical alternate fuel at this time, no counting the nut case pricing. I would go one step farther and just say stay away from GFI compuvalves on the bi-fuel Ford. The system works great -- when it works, but it almost impossible to get serviced.

      Lp physically is a dirtier fuel than NG, it will leave more residue in the components (burning is clean). Make sure there are good filters and temperature controls on the fuel gas (thanks Bill)

      The Rousch-Ford system looks great and is a good performer from what I've heard.

      This forum has a great bunch of people, they won't bite -- too hard

      Hang in there

      Larrycng -- (& Lp)


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        Re: Government propane vehicles

        Just wondering if Larry the Guru is from COD?


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          Re: Government propane vehicles

          Gulty as charged