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  • GX and P0420

    last week I bought one of the very few GX imported to Germany by Honda in
    2000. Unfortunatly the car has a problem: the motor light goes on after some
    minutes and it seems to take longer if the motor is driven at higher speeds. The
    error code is P0420 (catalyst might be damaged). Emission tests were
    unsuspicious, at least to the mechanics without CNG experience so far.

    Maybe someone had a similar experience and can give some advice. That would be great.

    -- Klaus

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    Re: GX and P0420

    I had the same error code on my 99 GX off and on for about a year, the problem would be it would cut out at highway speeds 65-75 mph off and on and then run fine for weeks. Finally it would not stop cutting out, I limped down the freeway around 50mph. It took a few days (at dealer) to get the code to come up and they replaced the first cat and it ran fine. The old one was all clogged up with crap. It was at about 100k.
    I'd just take it out on the Autobahn and let er rip!
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      Re: GX and P0420

      Finally an experienced shop, 110 miles away, found a small crack in the close-coupled catalyst. The catalyst was replaced today and test-driving was fine. Hope to drive the car back home very soon -- unhurried on the Autobahn like I'm used to.

      -- Klaus