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Finding CNG stations cross country

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  • Finding CNG stations cross country

    Hi, I am a new member who has had some experience driving CNG vehicles
    cross country. A few years ago I would fly to Ford factory auction sites
    and pick up Ford CNG cars to bring back to Tulsa.
    I found that I could go on line to locate CNG stations on the route from
    such places as Houston, St Louis, San Antionio, and other cities.
    I also found out the hard way that I had better call each of those stations
    to make sure that they were still open, and that I could use them.
    I also found that I needed to carry an adapter nozzel because not all of
    the station nozzels were the same.

    I think that these kind of problems were one reason that Ford stopped
    manufacturing CNG cars. To me, CNG cars will not become a reality until
    the oil companies solve the problem of lack of CNG stations.

    I am not normally a fan of T. Boone Pickens, but I applaud his push to
    make widespread use of CNG cars and trucks a reality.

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    Re: Finding CNG stations cross country

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