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  • cng in memphis area

    hi, i am finally starting to convert my vehicle. I was in the process of moving to the memphis area.

    i am currently converting my 08 dodge ram quad cab, with the 5.7 hemi..

    i have the technocarb kit and 2 type 2 7gge tanks..

    after i run it awhile on cng and make sure it runs i will also be turbocharging the truck

    i finished converting my old truck, its an 03 dodge dakota r/t 5.9L . i need to map the software still, im having issues with my fuelmaker.

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    Re: cng in memphis area

    Hey, I'm in the Nashville area where or I guess who did you get the fuelmaker from? Local? Thanks for the help!


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      Re: cng in memphis area

      Originally posted by afalk View Post
      I was in the process of moving to the memphis area.
      Have you checked out the fuel availability in Memphis?

      I bought a Civic GX from a used-car dealer in Memphis and he was happy to sell it at his cost because he couldn't find fuel for it. He didn't realize it was CNG when he bought it (he had 2 of them). When he went to the gasoline station to fill up he had no idea what that high-pressure connector was for.

      He told me that the city motor pool had the only CNG pump in town and it was in the worst part of town. He had to pay off someone to get the car inside the gate and then find someone named Dave and give him a secret password and then Dave let him fill his GXs there. There was no price or GGE indicator on the pump so he had no idea how much fuel it took or how much it cost. The city was supposed to bill him but never did. He said that he was told he was allowed one emergency fill and they would never let him in there again.

      I looked on and it shows no fueling locations in the Memphis area. I hope your fuelmaker is reliable and your vehicle is dual-fuel.

      Good luck in your new location.
      2004 Toyota Avalon bi-fuel
      2013 Tesla Model S 85