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    I have been reading the forum for some time now and thought it is time to register and participate more. I work for ANGI Energy in Wisconsin as Customer Service/Field Service Mgr. We build various sizes of units for CNG but on the bigger scale of things. Not your fuelmaker guy, there are plenty of other guys to answer the home refueling questions. I see CNG moving into the small fleets, if you have 10 or more vehicles, it is worth looking at your own unit.
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    Re: Good Day

    What type of CNG vehicle do you drive?

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      Re: Good Day

      If you knew your market better, you would know that probably 95% of Fuelmaker's customers are small to medium fleet users like the ones you're after. They have one poor little 'home' model that doesn't get the attention it deserves.
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        Re: Good Day

        I have been looking for a reasonably priced truck but the prices are driven up by demand in areas where you can actually buy CNG. I may wait to buy new when the new admin finally gets things changed and force the automakers to build cng