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    Just want you all to know I am very glad I found this site – awesome info exchange!

    Just got my brand new blue pearl ’09 GX and I love it! I couldn’t believe my first fill was only $7 for 5.3gge’s!!!

    Unfortunately, when we purchased the car we didn’t know the plates could be expedited so I am going to have to wait a few weeks for them, and then some more for the stickers, but I have the required REG1000 form ready to be sent, thanks to the info I found on this site.

    Question: is it necessary to apply for different special cards for different fueling stations, or do they all accept credit cards? Thanks!

    From Long Beach, Lady Chocolate

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    Re: New Member

    Hi Lady Chocolate, welcome to the forum.
    The best place to start with fueling station info is the CNG prices web site.

    Locations and prices for CNG stations (compressed natural gas and natural gas vehicles (NGV)) for the US, Canada, and much of Europe.

    I found it very helpful, it gives info about each refuling station.
    congrats on your new GX. I sute love mine.



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      Most stations in SoCal as all Visa/MC. the few exceptions are priced so high it isn't worth bothering getting a card. As Linda stated, is your best bet for station information. See a station you want to use, click the Comments tab and it will give you some specific information, such as pressures provided, payment methods, any 'tricks' to getting into the facility, etc.
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        Welcome Chocolate! Post photos If you can.
        Nice to see you got a car like mine! I case you missed can see it here: The guy with me in the one pic is CURTIS who is one of our fearless leaders on this site and gives us all the HONDA info we need.
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        BLUE 09 GX


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          Re: New Member

          Thank you for the warm welcome!
          I'll post some pixs in the near future.

          Lady Chocolate
          09 GX


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            Re: New Member

            Hello Lady Chocolate,

            Glad to see some women joining the CNGChat Forum. I surely hope this is a national trend that both sexes are becoming educated on the wonderful benefits of CNG . . . . and especially the terrific Honda Civic GX. Since women influence the buying decision on car purchases, I congratulate you on excellent choice!!

            Go CNG . . . . cngacrossusa


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              Re: New Member

              Nice COLOR choice!
              BLUE 09 GX