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  • hello from long island

    I bought 1998 bifuel ford contour about 3 months ago with low miles and very, very happy with it. Originaly I bought a 1985 300d mercedes benz turbo diesel and wanted to burn waste vegetable oil but my mechanic did not like the idea and told me to look into cng cars. At first I thought he had sucked in too many diesel fumes until I did the research.

    I work for the city of new york and the cost of my daily commute is little over $6.00 a day which makes me very, very happy.

    I am confused over tax credits. I use a gas utility filling station. Can I deduct some part of my usage? thanks for any help

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    Re: hello from long island

    I am also a New Yorker (upstate though) and so far you are the only other Entire Stater that I have seen here. I had a rough go trying to find out what the story was for NY tax credits (for installing a fuel compressor) and gave up. Sorry to not have answers for you, but if you find any, will you share them?
    Matt (outside Sch'dy driving a 2001 Chevy Express Bi-fuel)


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      Re: hello from long island

      Hi matt
      Thanks for the reply. If I find any info I will let you know.


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        State by state incentives

        Might want to see what shows up on NY here:


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          Re: hello from long island

          I just recently joined as well, and also living on Long Island.

          Unfortunately I do not have an answer to the original poster's questions, but I am looking to convert an older BMW run on gas, just not sure how yet...I am in the beginning stages of the research. I know in Europe there are conversion stations all over the place, and they have done some nice installs for older and new(er) BMW's on gasoline or Diesel, Volvo's (4 and 5 cyl, gas or Diesel) and pretty much any other car including Smarts.

          Hope you find the answer to your questions.