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  • Gyda from ozz

    if this's an intro page
    I work for toyota in australia
    just sold by old 1992 22r hylux extra cab ute in the US called a small pick up.
    brought a new 2008 extra cab ute, looking to put it on CNG.
    A local installer across town has just done ruffly 30 twin cabs for the mining industrie up north.
    main issue in melbourne "0" commercial fill stations, so will have tobe a home compressor, some mates of mine have an old (A3) I believe tobe a FM 3 I.,m
    investigating to use. to thats why I'm on this forum. regards doug c

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    Re: Gyda from ozz

    Welcome aboard

    There are kits available all over Australia and N.Z. You guy don't have strict regulations that U.S. does - lucky stiff. Landi Renzo from Italy make a good product and have been in the business since the 40's and they are compatable with OBD II and EOBD II. Check with company before buying

    If you do a convesion, check with local safety regulations and gas cylinder manufacturers so the job will be done safely. If you can't find anything the U.S industry standard National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standard 52 has some good guidelines. Can't go wrong unless they conflict with Australian regulations.

    Good luck



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      Re: Gyda from ozz

      Hi Doug

      You may just be in luck. I am working as a consultant in Melbourne with a company called OES CNG, and we have a great sequential multi-point injection conversion kit.

      We have also recently applied for planning approval for the first three of five public CNG sites that we will build in Melbourne by April 2009. We are planning five additional sites in Melbourne and regional Victoria by the end of 2009.

      We are also very close to finalising development of a home refueller (3.5m3/hour) and expect to have it available for sale or rental by the last quarter of 2009.

      If you would like more information, you can contact me directly at [email protected]