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    So my name is Peter and I live in Utah. I have an 04 Chevy Cavalier which I purchased from a government auction in Oregon. Picking up the car was a good excuse to go back to there place I served my mission for my church. I bought it back in May and so far it's been such a good investment. I'm very happy with it. I'm still very new to everything about CNG vehicles so I was hoping maybe if anyone knows anything I should be mindful of particularly with the 2004 models as far as maitenance goes, prevenetive procedures, etc... I would be very grateful. Also I was wondering if anyone had ever thought of compiling a list of people that would be willing to offer their CNG refueling devices anywhere in the US with an emphasis on places without stations. I guess with phill it wouldn't be very practical in that it takes about 4 hours to fill 1.67 gallons. But I was just curious, I would offer mine but I don't have one cause I live in UTAH! I don't know how we got so blessed, but thank goodness for it.

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    Welcome to CNGChat Peter. You may want to browse the GM/Chevy CNG Vehicle forum for '04 Cavalier Maintance. '03-'04 Cavaliers seem to be a step above the '98-'02 Cavaliers. Better motor, better CNG system (CNG injectors instead of gas mass sensor), and a sleeker look. The main preventitive procedure would be the CNG cylinder inspection that is required every 36,000 miles or 3 years. And if you drive your Cavalier as much as I do, that means an inspection about once a year.
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