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bi fuel CNG & gasoline vs dedicated CNG

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  • bi fuel CNG & gasoline vs dedicated CNG

    I am a "newbe"--just beginning to research. I would like to know about bifuel (CNG & gasoline) as opposed to dedicated GNG.
    For bi fuel ....
    What car models are most reliable?
    Are factory installed bifuel systems best? Fleet vehicles? Government cars?Is mileage a major factor--or just the same factors as a gasoline car?

    I heard compu valves can be problems and that some converters have them as a seperate component so if it goes bad, it is less expensive to replace.
    Any advice?

    What is essential to know?

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    Re: bi fuel CNG & gasoline vs dedicated CNG

    Here is a good place to start.
    Lancer Automotive Group
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      Re: bi fuel CNG & gasoline vs dedicated CNG

      Every car has its Achilles heel. On Fords, it's the compuvalve. On Chevy, it's the mass gas flow sensor. On Honda there's the high pressure regulator. Chevy seems to have been the smartest in terms of long term economical servicing of the CNG-specific components.
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