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  • cng in washington state

    Hi everyone I'm new to this so I hope I can get alot of help. Since I heard about cng I thought it would be great to switch to cng here but we can't get a cng car in Washington State yet. We need to put more pressure on the auto makers to start selling them in the US. What can I do ? I already sent letters to my congressmen and congresswomen but didn't get much help there. We only have two places to fill up and they are transit stations.

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    Re: cng in washington state

    not much the congressmen and women can do to control what private companies have done. If you want the private automakers to sell cng cars, why talk to congress, instead of talking to the automakers themselves. Nearly all automakers DO manufacture CNG vehicles elsewhere in the world, they just dn't feel there is demand for it here in the US.
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      Re: cng in washington state

      There are three approved Civic GX dealers in the State of Washington. They are:
      1. Discovery Honda, Moses Lake
      2. Honda Auto Center of Bellevue, Bellevue
      3. Renton Honda, Renton

      All three dealers are listed on Honda's web site as "fleet dealers".

      Give them a call if you're still interested.



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        Re: cng in washington state

        There is an F-250 bi-fuel sitting on a used car lot in Lynden, Wa. Needs a windshield and good detail job. There is supposed to be around 35k miles on it. It was supposed to come from an auction. Don't know if it runs on CNG. I haven't talked to the dealer. I will probably get over there next week and really check it out.