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Introduction from the Giant Side of Texas!

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  • Introduction from the Giant Side of Texas!

    I put this in the wrong spot. I moved ot to introductions.
    As a new member I would like to introduce myself to the forum.
    I have been researching CNG and look forward to the forum as a springboard. I have owned LPG pickups and a tractor but got tired of the Texas Road Use Tax hassle and trying to find LPG when away from home. I am a construction inspector and spent months away from home and did not know where I would be and it just got to be too much trouble to keep up with LPG. So I got a diesel and kept that until the price of #2 drove me to a Suzuki Sidekick.
    While I have real issues with Boone, I do see CNG as part of the solution to energy independence for the US.
    Out here on the Giant Side of Texas, I do not know anyone with a CNG vehicle or where there is a place to refuel one if you had it. I know in El Paso there are CNG stations, but when working out there I saw few CNG vehicles except for City of El Paso vehicles.
    I want to find out what is required for installing these systems and what code they are constructed to. I would like to get input from members on who has the best refueling systems and who to talk to.
    Curtis Stewart

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    Re: Introduction from the Giant Side of Texas!

    I am also in Texas and for your general information, CNG is also subject to the road use tax. It is the same as with gasoline and diesel except that you pre-pay it per year instead of at the pump.

    In El Paso, from what I've been told, there are no public accessible CNG stations.

    I have not seen any CNG stations of any significant size in any area except for the DFW metroplex and some in Houston.

    It's the chicken and the egg syndrome. No one wants to build a public CNG station if there are no automobiles, and no one wants to develop a certified CNG vehicle platform if there are no refueling stations.

    Texas also introduces an additional issue, and one that will not be resolved easily, it is big. When it takes 9 hours to drive from San Antonio to El Paso, and no one can drive from border to border in daylight (El Paso to Orange, or Brownsville to Amarillo) refueling sites are few and far between. Between San Antonio and El Paso, there are probably six locations to get fuel, and if you dont plan your gasoline stop appropriately, it is a VERY LONG walk to the next town.



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      Re: Introduction from the Giant Side of Texas!

      Home refueling system called Phill is sold by Fuelmaker of Toronto. I have had for a year and a half and am fully satisfied. They seem expensive but here in CA we get an income tax credit of about $1500. It stopped working once and they handled the warranty service quickly and well. It is a hassle to get up and running but now I cannot imagine going to a gas station for Gas. I have two Honda GXs, GREAT commuter cars, not so good for long trips.