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Plafkin Farms, Ada, Michigan--Roger Plafkin

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  • Plafkin Farms, Ada, Michigan--Roger Plafkin

    Plafkin Farms, Ada, Michigan--We have a 50 acre location for filming, photography, art, music, equestrian, agriculture, alternative energy. We have been on our land close to 50 years; we have been trying to convince Consumers Energy to put up wind and solar installations on our farm for many years to power homes, schools, businesses(We are 5 miles from the Gerald R. Ford airport where over 30,000 people work in industries), industries and in essence to rid ourselves of our dependence on oil from the Middle East and other countries who would like to do us harm. We owned the Grand Rapids Bolt and Nut Company, and we always had Hi-Los which ran on compressed natural gas. In 1989, we went to Italy to visit with friends; they had a Fiat which ran both on compressed natural gas and gasoline. I am extremely enthusiastic about using natural gas to power our vehicles; we own the gas, and we do not have to go begging the Saudis or the Kuwaites for a favour while they destroy our economy--these are the same countries who wanted the United States and England defeated during World War Two. Once and for all, we have to get rid of their influence as far as the direction that this country is going. We do not want to outsource our jobs and industries to third world countries; this does not benefit anyone in the United States.

    Roger Plafkin--Plafkin Farms(View on and[email protected]