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Hi everybody!

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  • Hi everybody!

    I have just joined from the great state of Oregon. I am a newbie to the whole CNG vehicle world, but am quite excited at the prospects!

    I'm currently researching the possibility of acquiring, and living with, a Honda Civic GX here in the Portland area. If there are any local members with experience, I sure would love to hear from you.

    And Curtis, thanks for providing this great resource. Well done!


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    Re: Hi everybody!

    Welcome Doug!

    I grew up in Eugene and certainly miss this time of year in the Northwest. I've been a happy GX owner for over 8 years. With the limited public refueling locations, you may want to look into a VRA as well. Good luck!
    2008 GX (extended range, trunkless version)
    Polished Metal Metallic 2012 Civic Natural Gas
    Fuelmaker FMQ-2-36 (since 2001)
    Previously owned: 2000 GX (11 years), 1995 Bi-fuel Sonoma, 2000 Bifuel Tahoe, 2000 Bi-fuel F150


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      Re: Hi everybody!

      Hi Doug,

      Greetings from Beaverton. I'm new to the forum as well (today). I ordered a 2009 GX last month and I'm hoping for a September delivery. I'm working with Beaverton Honda as they are the only certified GX dealer in the NW. I'm holding off on the Fuelmaker because there is a Pacific Pride commercial fuel station in Hillsboro with 3600 psi CNG. It costs more than CNG at home but the Fuelmaker is pricey. I'm going to see how the "convenience" factor works out before I decide on installing home refueling.

      Nice to meet you.


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        Salemite at heart

        I grew up in the beautiful city of Salem Oregon, now live in Utah.
        We have 31 members in Oregon, the most active one being cnguser

        He was on your local news a few months ago with his GX and Fuelmaker

        Let me know if you want to get something organized up there, I can send out an e-mail blast to everyone.