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Sharpening Pencil and working the numbers

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  • Sharpening Pencil and working the numbers

    Hi there!

    I'm a guy that spends all his time on the road.. I sell holsters at gun shows. Every weekend, I'm in a different city for a show. Needless to say, I do a lot of driving.

    Recently, a trusted friend has acquired a CNG Dodge van that would actually be very good for use on the show circuit... and checking out CNG stations, nearly every city that I go to actually has a CNG station, especially in Oklahoma. I work the Kansas/Missouri/Oklahoma area, with occasional forays into other states, depending on my mood and show availability.

    I'm trying to sharpen my pencil and figure out just how much this van would save me over what I'm driving now. Many of the numbers I have worked out... but there are still a few questions troubling me... can anyone help?

    [1] Does anyone have a reliable/accurate way to figure the cost of home gas to GGE equivalents? I have the cost of home gas here ($2.12 per 1000 CF), but I need to have the approximate "cost per gallon" in order to really put pencil to paper on this...

    [2] Are there any good sources for additional CNG tanks? Many of the cities that I go to have CNG, some do not, and there really aren't any filling stations in between... so I need to be able to make it to target, and sometimes back. The vehicle in question will currently have about 23 GGE, and I would like to add more if possible...

    [3] What are the thoughts and experiences with bi-fuel vehicles in the large van range? Any good or bad experiences out there? Bi-fuel would certainly seem to take away the "oh my god, I'm running out of fuel" factor on the road, but they seem to have relatively small CNG tanks, so the savings wouldn't be that extreme for me either...

    I'm sure that I will have more questions as I work through this opportunity, but I'm hoping that someone here can help speed this up for me through their experiences...