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Hi Ford Aerostar CNG 1994 Issues

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  • Hi Ford Aerostar CNG 1994 Issues

    i bought this car a few years ago and have never used the CNG side except when it was first purchased now I live in UT and it looks really reasonable and accessible. I went to the filling station and have a leak or missing hose. There is a manual shut off under the driverside door where there appears to be hose missing. Does anyone have a picture or diagram of how that should look? Need help and need suggestions. Thanks

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    Re: Hi Ford Aerostar CNG 1994 Issues

    With the system non-op for so long, you should probably just take it to a CNG shop and have the fuel system looked over. I'm sure the tanks themselves at least need to be inspected, and if any hoses/piping/fittings are questionable, they should be looked at as well.

    The tanks may very well be expired (or near so), so that may be a required purchase for you.
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