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  • Wind Turbine Install Truck to CNG


    I have a wind turbine generator business and mainly we sell and install small wind generator systems for farms, ranches, residences. The towers we put in are from 33 to 60 feet normally. So, there's a rig with wench, hydraulics, welder, gin poles, and gooseneck trailer that I want to run on CNG and or Propane. Because my residence has Propane I want to be able to fill up from my large tank next to the shop.

    I have been looking at the small backup generators that are Tri-Fuel. They run on natural gas, propane, or gasoline. This is what kind of versatility I am looking at for my Windmill Generator Install rig. The current rig is a flatbed dually with a 460 Ford V8.

    What is the best thing for me to do to convert this Wind Generator Install rig to Tri-Fuel. Growing up on the ranch we had our trucks running off propane and gasoline aftermarket kits. Is there such a kit for Tri-Fuel and what can anyone recommend. TIA
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    Re: Wind Turbine Install Truck to CNG

    You won't find a tri-fuel kit for vehicles, simply because it wouldn't make much sense in most cases, as the storage space required would be rediculous. Bi-fual kits are common, for both gasoline/CNG or gasonline/LPG. As you already have propane dfelivered to the house, it would probably be wise to go that route. A question here though, is how much space do you have left on the rig for the storage tanks?
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      Re: Wind Turbine Install Truck to CNG

      Hi CraziFuzzy, Well, in west texas we used to raise the tool boxes up so that we could put a tank under there. So, I am looking at putting a tank in that area, lifting up the tool box on the windmill rig. Are there any websites out there where a guy can look at tanks and such? I also saw a post somewhere that a guy was saying you can't do propane on a fuel injected, only carbouretor cars?

      So, we are going propane and gasoline. Now what? My dad used to take the pickups to a shop in Fort Worth that did the conversions, I'm stuck in Ohio these days. Thanks for the help.