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  • GM or Ford

    I am thinking of buying a used pickup with OEM duel fuel, about 2000 or 2001 I would like to know if anyone has an opinion on whether GM's are better than Ford's, visa versa or the same.

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    Re: GM or Ford

    All of the bi fuel oem Fords use the GFI Compuvalve system. The valves are no longer made , are costly ,and very difficult to find . If the valve fails, the truck will run on gasoline , but cng function will stop.
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      Re: GM or Ford

      Thanks for info. Sounds like oem on Ford a bad idea. How about aftermarket certified conversion? Do any of these have problems? Apparently oem GM conversion OK.


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        Re: GM or Ford

        Ford and GM both have their pros and cons.

        For Ford the CON is the compuvavle. It is actually still made by GFI Teleflex out of Canada, but only available through Ford dealerships. The price of a compuvalve is about $2200. The Compuvalve is the only working part on the Ford CNG system. If there is a problem with the CNG system 95% of the time it is the compuvalve, thus a PRO is easy diagnosis.

        For GM the PRO is each CNG component is separated out. The high pressure regulator is separate from the low pressure regulator which is separate from the gas mass sensor (computer). These individual components are less expensive than the Ford compuvalve and are available through other distributors than GM (except the gas mass sensor - $1800 from a dealer). The CON is diagnosis. With having many individual parts, finding out which part needs to be replaced can be tricking at times.

        Both are reliable in their own way. Some people like the Ford CNG system and some people like the GM CNG system.
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          Re: GM or Ford

          I believe the Ford F150 is the better vehicle overall (particularly the transmission and drivetrain), the Chev has a more reliable cng setup and a very good engine.