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  • CNG in NYS

    Hi. My name is Adam and I recently bought 2008 Civic GX from Lia Honda in Williamsville, NY.

    I had a really nice Subaru WRX for 3 years, but gasoline just seemed to be creeping up, and up and up so I decided to do something drastic. Initially, I was looking for a cheap 1999 Civic HX with reasonable mileage on the engine but upon searching Honda's site I came upon the GX.

    After about a month of searching for a buyer and researching the GX, I sold the Subaru and by chance I found a GX on the lot (and for a brief moment, unspoken for) at Lia. I told myself I would never buy a new car from a dealership ever again, but later amended that to, "a new gasoline-powered car." I bought this car without hesitation at MSRP. There is no buyer's remorse.

    In Buffalo, there are 3 public CNG stations for vehicles, all run by the local natural gas monopoly, "National Fuel Gas." I fill up twice a week, for about $10 a tank and drive over 350 miles a week. I save $40 a week in fuel costs at least.

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    Re: CNG in NYS

    Welcome to CNGchat!
    We hope you enjoy your GX. Please also be sure to keep updated with your local station info. Do they require a special payment card?


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      Re: CNG in NYS

      National Fuel CNG pumps require a "National Fuel Access Card."

      The people at National Fuel are really nice, and seemed surprised when I told them about my plan to buy a GX. They whipped me up a card within 24h of my request. With this card, you can access all 3 pumps, 24h a day. As far as energy monopolies go, National Fuel seems pretty benevolent.

      At Lia Honda, the salesman told me that my GX was the second sold from their location... I was wondering if the vehicle is still in the local area (is the owner a member here?) I have not seen another privately-owned CNG vehicle in my area-- yet.