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  • hello from Kansas

    Hello everyone!!

    Was surfing for a CNG forum and ran into this one. I live in Overland Park, KS and am a big CNG/alternative Energy fan. I was born and raised in Pakistan but been living in the US for the last 10 years.

    CNG is huge in Pakistan and neigbouring Asian countries (India etc). Most of the news cars (Honda/Toyota/Nissan) come CNG converted there, where you can switch between gasoline/petrol and CNG with a simple switch. I think that could be a huge market in United States. What do you all think?

    Also my other interest is to find out about companies that are trying to push this technology as a potential investment.


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    Re: hello from Kansas

    We have to get the CNG infrastructure going to support the demand. In the Salt Lake City area there are several CNG fueling stations and they are currently stressed by the demand for CNG.