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  • Hello From Northeast Ohio

    I have a recent college degree in Philosophy and I live in Northeast Ohio. I just finished a 4 year fight for veterans returning from this war that were not getting there jobs back here in Ohio and that gained a new law here for them.

    I keep hearing about alternative fuels. I did some research on that and CNG came up. Eastern Ohio, West Virginia and PA sit on a dome of Natural gas but are not developing the resource.

    I do not own a CNG car as of yet but I do want to know more especially every time I do a fill up on my Buick. In my research I even got a call from the Communications Manager for Columbia Gas of Ohio. There are only 3 places in the state to fill up a car in Ohio which is sad yet there is not a week that goes by that I do not get in on a conference call by some local congressmen who are listening to their constituents about high fuel prices for their cars. The answer is right under their feet!

    A local trucking firm is converting to CNG and a local school system is now interested and there will be an up and coming workshop by their school board to discuss it. I do have a technical background before I retired. My next car will be CNG based on what I have researched.