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  • Hello fr California

    hello everyone...after an extensive research on the net...i finally found this site to learn and share my ideas...i'm in california where emission (i heard) is the toughest in the country....i like to hear from the group regarding cng, lng as well as hydrogen (if any) technologies. if i submit a post in a wrong section please bear with me and direct me to the right post. i will really appreciate that..

    thanks and look forward to talking here

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    Re: Hello fr California

    Welcome Boo, You will find this site very informative as I have. Your best bet is to go to the archive section and find the topics that best suit . Joe


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      Re: Hello fr California

      I just signed up to get some more details on CNG. Where are the Archives? (If I just want to see previous topics that were discussed). (yesterday) I was excited about going to CNG but (today) I realize the price in Long Beach is $3.60 per gge !! (whatever that is). Hardly seems like a savings worth spending many thousands of extra dollars for a car and a refueler . I understand I can get a Fuelmaker and do it at home but we have City of Long Beach gas and not sure the total cost would be any cheaper. The price has gone way up for CNG in Long Beach over the last several years so instead of getting screwed by the Arabs we're going to get screwed by our own city gas company it seems. Maybe CNG is bettter for those outside California?


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        Re: Hello fr California

        Remember that there are several offsets to the additional $ of the Honda GX and not all dealers are pumping up the price of the Civic GX. Look at Curtis’s stand on this and he’s not alone.

        Here is what I see relative to NGVs including the Civic GX.

        1. A $4000 Federal tax credit
        2. The Civic GX has been rated as the cleanest most environmentally friendly car in America for many years now.
        3. It burns clean domestic fuel and doesn’t contribute to the $2 billion per day the USA spends on foreign oil and the political uproar that inevitably follows.
        4. The State of California has consistently replenished a fund that has provided $3000 cash back to help fund new NGV this may or may not continue.
        5. Until January of 2011, for $7 you can apply for a HOV sticker.
        6. If you choose to you can apply for an 18 month $1.999 per GGE deal from Clean Energy Fuels. Check if this deal is still available and what you might need to do to receive it.

        The down side is that any of the rebates will take time to realize. Additionally, the 8 gal GX fuel tank is limiting, and this with the somewhat limited nature of fueling stations forces one to plan your driving / fueling. Is that bad..?? If you want you can fuel at home as long as you have natural gas at home.

        Well anyway a NGV is a personal decision to take a path less traveled and in my opinion socially more responsible. As has been said before, opinions are like…. Everyone has one..

        I’m ecstatic with my purchase of a Civic GX and the down side of CNG isn’t significant enough to tarnish this for me.



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          Re: Hello fr California

          Thanks SCChris,
          Thanks for your response. I think NGV's are perhaps the best thing going for our future energy needs. I was feeling like my bubble got burst by the price gouging that was going on with regular gas prices (a month ago) and then NGV prices going up in lock step. I just bought an older GX (actually for my son to go to CSULB). It needs a few repairs but seems ok so far. I don't even know how to put fuel in it, but I will probably take it down to LB Gas this weekend and see if I can figure it out (Owner's manual doesn't mention the NGV fueling).