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Certified Installer requirements

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  • Certified Installer requirements

    I'm interested in communicating with a certified installer, about the requirements (possibilities) of setting up a certified installers shop in the Southern Kentucky area. I've been working with CNG on the farm and have read through NFPA 52, and believe that CNG is a viable alternative if installed to the specifications outlined in the codes, but I'm not sure what should be done to verify that the emissions are within O.E.M specs after conversion for the EPA.

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    Re: Certified Installer requirements

    If you're interested in the home fueling installation end, Dave Clement (CNG Services of AZ) has taken care of all the maintenance on my FMQ unit... he's very helpful and I bet he'd be willing to chat with you. He blogs here and his webpage is As for vehicle installs, mine have already been done when I've purchased used vehciles, but there are definitely installers that frequent this site. Good luck!
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