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Hello from Milwaukee WI.

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  • Hello from Milwaukee WI.

    Hello all,

    I have been on this site quite a few times looking around and thought it might be a good time to join and share info..

    A few years ago I bought a Chevy Cavalier Bifuel cng/gas.. It was the greatest thing sense sliced bread.. Then some valve broke under the car.. Cost to fix was almost as much as I paid for the car..

    Present day: I bought a New 2006 Honda Civic GX from a Dealer a few months ago.. It had 2,700 miles on it... Honda had it in a trailer to drive it around and show it off...

    FAQ: Avg mileage is great.. 38-47 mpg @ $1.569 gal. I commute 100 miles a day. 50 miles there and 50 miles back.. I hyper mile..
    I only go 60 on the freeway.. Slow on the accelerator on the on ramps.. Use cruise control all the time.. Try not to use the brakes-- coast to your stops..

    Well thats about it...
    Thank you for this site


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    Re: Hello from Milwaukee WI.

    welcome in.

    ps good thing your not driving in LA


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      Re: Hello from Milwaukee WI.

      Welcome Bill.

      I am a new member as well. We have recently put a down payment on the new 2009 GXs due in September from a dealer here in Milwaukee. Like everything I have read about the GX so far and it looks like we have relatively good fueling station options here in southeast Milwaukee. I was speaking with the dealer we are buying our car from today and he took another GX out for a test drive and really enjoyed it. Your great mileage makes me glad we are going down the path of making the GX our next car.