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  • Glad to find this site!


    I'm about 3 weeks into my love affair with my Honda Civic GX. I am a full time mom and PTA volunteer and use the car primarily as our family car--running kids, running errands, picking up kids, running them some place else, on weekends all together. Occasionally my husband will take it to work, unless I beat him to it.

    This little car is replacing my 2000 Dodge Durango, which I loved at the time we got it and has served our family well, but when I was spending $75 at least once a week to put gas in it, I wasn't even liking it much.

    This little Honda kind of fell into our hands--just a right place, right time sort of thing. I haven't looked back. In 3 weeks I've driven 800 miles and I'm almost to a total of $12 in fuel costs. Hallelujah!

    I apprecaite all the info and helpful hints from users here and look forward to many, many more. Thanks for the site!

    I feel like a brand new member of a really cool club!