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  • Howdy from Norcal

    I own a dual fuel gasoline/CNG F250, and found this forum today. Looks like a good place to get some up-to-date info on how to make my investment pay off!

    Anyone know a good CNG mechanic in the Sacramento area?

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    Re: Howdy from Norcal

    Hello F250NGV in Sacramento,

    Have you ever attended the GSA auctions out there in Sacramento?? I've got older uncle who lives out there but haven't been able to convince him to attend the auctions. Past year there have been a couple bi-fuel Cavaliers at each auction. Curious what they sold for.

    Buying a cng vehicle is best decision I've ever made . . . . I'm sure you will agree as your F250 is greatly APPRECIATING as we speak, which cannot be said for normal F250 trucks.

    Good luck and welcome to forum. I have both a bi-fuel Cavalier and Civic GX and love them both.