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Hi from Chino Hills, CA

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  • Hi from Chino Hills, CA


    I was at the Anaheim Trillium station waiting in line and a guy who had just finished says to me, "Are on on the CNGChat?"

    Well, I am now! - thanks Mystery Guy!

    I got my car a few weeks after I got my new job in downtown LA, in March of 2007. I had researched NG for a while and was in the process of bidding on a car on Ebay. I had struck a deal, but the seller suddenly noticed that the bidding was going much higher than he had expected and backed out. Good thing, too - it had over 100K miles on it and felt like junk on the test drive. I found CNGMotors on a google search and soon closed a deal for a 1998 Honda GX with about 35K miles on it and very minor cosmetic damage (looked like someone had forgotten to remove the prop stick when they closed the hood) - and I paid much less than the guy got on Ebay. If you're here, thanks for backing out, man! It's been a great 1.5 years - I'm very pleased with my car.

    Glad to be here, too.

    Gary Colwill

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    Re: Hi from Chino Hills, CA

    That was me. Normally I tell people what my user name is. Guess I forgot Enjoy the site.


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      Re: Hi from Chino Hills, CA

      Thanks, Timone!