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  • Cost of CNG

    Since there are no public CNG fueling stations within a couple of hundred miles of where I live in eastern Washington state, a home CNG fueling station is the only real option for me if I want to drive an NGV. Any idea of what an installed Phill would cost? Any issues with code officials or the gas company that might get in the way?

    Our natural gas price here from the gas utility company is about $1.15-$1.20 per therm. How much should I add to that (to factor in capital cost and O & M on fuel station, electricity used by the compressor, etc) to get a true idea of how much I'd save by using a CNG vehicle. Also, for the sake of comparison, how do you convert a therm of gas (100,000 btus) to a GGE? Is a GGE about equivilent to 1.2 therms?


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    Re: Cost of CNG

    Yes, a GGE is about 1.2 therms. (I use 1.15).

    You can figure anywhere from .50 to $2/gge for the compressor costs. It depends on which model you choose and your luck. .50 is a lucky fmq owner. $2 is an unlucky Phill owner. You are much more likely to be 'lucky' with fmq than with a Phill.
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