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  • San Diego Civic GX Owner

    Hello All
    I bought my Civic GX in 2006 before gasoline started nearing the $5 mark...I didn't think it would ever get that expensive...I really wanted the freedom and convenience of a car as opposed to public transportation, but not use gasoline at main reasons were the fact that no one in Washington seemed to be addressing the domestic supply problem, the geo-political turmoil around crude, and that global demand was going to increase as developing nations begin to grow economically...I saw natural gas as the next best viable option for me...infrastructure and performance are some of the downsides but I manage...the upsides are tax benefits, carpool lane access, clean burning/low emissions, less maintenance costs, home fueling options, and historically low natural gas costs relative to crude...hope this helps anyone on the fence

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    Re: San Diego Civic GX Owner

    Welcome to CNGchat kiana!
    My main motivation was also to say goodbye to imported oil. That was back when gasoline hit $3/gal