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  • Hello from GA

    Hi all!

    I'm active duty Army, just moved from MD to Georgia (Ft Gordon, near Augusta.)

    I was talking with the wife about the idiocy of gas prices in the USA and remembered when I was in Argentina (church mission, 1994-1996) many cars had CNG tanks in the trunk. Those were older carberated cars though-

    So I'll be searching to find out the cost/ issues with adding CNG to my 1999 Dodge Caravan (flex fuel currently, although we never use ethanol)..

    There's a refuel station about 10miles from my house in Thomson, GA off I-20..

    Anyways- have a good one!

    PS- The username is from my beloved 1991 Ford Taurus SHO (super high output) which I owned in Germany. Hit 140mph a few times (LEGALLY) but a rod/crankshaft bearing failed and destroyed the motor, forcing me to scrap the car...

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    Re: Hello from GA

    Welcome to the forums