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Greetings from Georgia

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  • Greetings from Georgia

    Greetings All
    Im looking for some certified conversion kits any sugestions?
    Here in the South we're still a little behind the times, so the availability of CNG/LPG cars is very limited, as is the fueling depots. But with Gas here in Atlanta at $4.00 it will change soon enough. As best as I can tell no one here is doing any conversion of any sort. I make some Hydrogen generators and do custom installations about as fast as I can get them together. Id like to stay abreast of what I think will be the best fuel replacement and CNG looks to be it. Any suggestions are greatly welcome.
    thanks much

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    Re: Greetings from Georgia

    Hello Georgia cng supporter,

    I know there are cng cars in Atlanta area as I was involved in purchase of 3 of them!! Car dealer outside of Atlanta was attending auctions, then selling them on Ebay. Think the word is out as car similar to bi-fuel 2003 Cavalier that I bought for $7,600 in 2007 now are selling at $10,000 or more!!

    I'd sure recommend you attend any and all GSA auctions or state of Georgia vehicle auctions in the state. You might by chance get a bargain. Also, definitely sign up for cng fuel card so you can fuel up in Atlanta.

    Good luck to you!!

    P.S. I flew one-way with friend to Atlanta and bought 2 cng cars that were driven one-way back to Oklahoma. Then my friend did same thing for 3rd car bought from GA. All three had less than 40,000 miles on them!! GO CNG - - - cleanest fuel on the planet (except for wind & solar!!)


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      Re: Greetings from Georgia


      I just joined the site today while searching to find some info about my possible upcoming CNG converion....

      I just saw there is a refuel station in GA near Thomson (close to Augusta off I-20) if you're ever coming out this way.

      Take care-


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        Re: Greetings from Georgia

        I'm also in GA. I would like to contact others in the area who are interested in CNG for vehicles. I'm looking for sources of CNG and pricing info. At present, I don't have a CNG vehicle. I'm trying to determine if it would be worth it to convert or buy one. If anyone would like to chat, send me an email at cngchatinfo AT or call at 770-205-9422 and leave a message. I don't answer unless I recognize the caller ID. Gotta do something about these insane fuel costs.


        Ron Frazier


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          Re: Greetings from Georgia

          Dear Ron
          This is Luc from Italy but soon in Atlanta.
          I'm a project manager in brand new start up company who will "hopefully" (we actually propose our business plan) to distribute the conversion kits of the leading worldwide producer Landi Renzo in the whole lower Atlantic. Fortunately we got strong financial assets to improve the refuelling network with proper investments due to the fact that we are trying to gain the support of the State Administration of Georgia.
          It will pleasure to exchange ideas or suggestions also because we are looking for partners there.
          so let's keep in touch


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            Re: Greetings from Georgia

            Some of us are more familiar with Fuel Systems Solutions, but would love to learn about Landi Renzo. In particular, what will you be doing at your new Torrance California facility? Many of us are Californians and are always looking to see if there is anything we can do to help with CNG adoption.